Quality Parameter

Quality Parameter

As packaging is the most important aspect for any product whether it is for the purpose of shifting, or shipping or gifting. So Super Cartons always consider the parameters related to quality called our quality checklist for providing better packaging solutions. We undergo packaging quality control  procedure checks for appropriate packaging materials. The different quality checks we are conducting during making cartons are:

  1. Package Material, Contents, Size, and Color
  2. Package Layers (single layered, multi layered)
  3. Packaging sealing, strapping and binding methods

  4. Carton Drop Test

  5. Package is Sealed Completely Using the Appropriate Methods.

Quality Assurance

  1. The accurate marketing message communicates the value authentically and true spirit of the SUPER CARTON.
  2. Capture and understand requirements that SUPER CARON prides itself upon. 
  3. In house design expertise to develop new packaging designs. 
  4. State of the art machines that enhance flexibility, efficiency, scale, speed and quality  work. 
  5. Complete control of the quality of inputs of the stock , printing ingredients and quality of the end products in terms of cutting, folding, pasting , printing and packaging for delivery.