“Our product speak volumes about our commitment towards quality and customers satisfaction.

Mono Cartons

Mono cartons are used for compact packaging of products. They are highly customizable & facilitate a large number of applications across industries. The color selection and printing of the carton depend on the product type or the type of business segment it belongs to. The team and technology at super cartons facilitate you with a customized solution to best compliment your product. Any Graphics produces high quality folding cartons from only recognized paper mills and by high- quality substrates like FBB, SBS,  Special Colored Board, White-back  & Grey back boards. To ensure our customers the most competitive edge in their market, we deliver the most appealing, durable and affordable folding cartons.  Apart from presentation and quality,  product safety is also given full attention. Super cartons plant can create 10 million cartons per month to meet the requirements of its different clients. 

Blister Card

We provide cold/heat sealing blister cards with high durability and consistent quality. Blister cards are most desirable for providing secure yet visible packaging. 
We can provide cards wherein the blister can be directly sealed on the card or a sliding type card. 

Printed Corrugated Cartons

Corrugated cartons are commonly known as shippers or outers. Super cartons exclusively manufacture multi-colour 3 ply and 5 ply corrugated cartons. Corrugated cartons are generally used as the last packing form for the transportation of goods. The top layer in this type of packaging is always printed. Super cartons are equipped with a fully automated single liner manufacturing unit installed capacity of million corrugated cartons per year. The equipment is capable of manufacturing a wide range of flutes complemented with highend printing. We are one of the few companies to use completely automatic lamination equipment for quickdrying, moisture control and quick turnaround. In addition, we have deployed special features on our finishing equipment to better handle litho-laminated sheets.
Rigid box

Rigid Box

Rigid boxes are sturdy paper-based boxes consisting of high-thickness (often 1- 2mm) chipboard, wrapped by decorative specialty paperGive your high-end products an  unmatched unboxing  experience. Rigid boxes by super cartons Design can protect and promote your product. The rigid box designs carry a great design and high-end packaging materials to get your products covered. 

Folding Cartons

A folding carton is a  paper-based package that acts as the external container for an item or product. For instance, cereal (food) is stored in a flexible package to hold its contents and a folding carton box holds and protects the cereal. It’s the box that almost every product in the world is stored in when it is put on a shelf Our domain knowledge across industries allows us to work with clients to understand their specific folding cartons needs and industry requirements to deliver customized solutions. We offer a complete range of carton styles complemented by a wide variety of print finishes such as lamination, foiling, embossing, window patching and security features. In addition, our versatile gluing machines can work with complex structures ideal for even high-speed automatic carton pasting machines. 
Window carton

Window Cartons

Window cartons are printed in an extremely stunning and visually attractive display. These are innovative kinds of packaging solutions. Window cartons are lightweight and are designed and developed with an immaculate finish. A window patch in a design is intended to showcase the product which is packed inside. These are folding cartons either in paper board or laminated form with PVC or PET film. Super cartons have an installed capacity of million window cartons per month. 

MET PET UV Cartons

Met Pet Printing refers to laminating Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) films with a thin layer of metal foil usually aluminum thus giving it a very high shine finish. Printing is made more attractive with metallic multicolour printing. In Met Pet Printing, none of the ink is absorbed but the ink is dried using UV rays. Compared with the traditional litho offset printing, UV printing is expensive but has better vivid and crisp colour printing. Also, it can produce very good quality printing on specialty papers. For example, the whitecolour printing on the  black speciality paper is usually quite difficult for the traditional litho offset printing, because the white inks are too thin to cover the black colour inside. While for the UVprinting, it can produce the perfect white colour printing on the black special paper boxes.